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Ohio Insurance: Driving and Traffic Laws

Every state in the United States has its own set of rules. There are a set of rules aimed at safeguarding the motorists and drivers on the road. Each and every driver has to adhere to these rules and restrictions. Any violation from these rules would mean penalisation depending on the seriousness of the offense. Ohio has strict financial responsibility laws. These laws state that if a driver has taken his vehicle out on the road, he should have proof of financial responsibility. Financial responsibility is where a person can pay for any damages he might cause in an accident. There are two aspects of financial responsibility. These include minimum liability and property damage coverage.

Minimum liability is where a person pays for any bodily harm he might have caused another person. The minimum amount required to cover cots is twelve thousand five hundred dollars per person in an accident. The driver should also have a total of twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury in total accounting for two persons. Property damage is where he pays for any damage caused to the property namely cars, buildings, fences or lamp posts. The minimum for property damage is seven thousand five hundred dollars. If you do not want to buy an auto insurance policy, you can pay thirty thousand dollars to the state treasurer and get a bond.

There are a lot of other laws for safe driving in the state of Ohio. Some of these are mentioned in this article. One very common offense is speeding. Speeding is when a motorist drives at a speed exceeding the established limit for the particular road. Speed limits are established keeping a lot of actors such as traffic or schools and other establishments in mind. These speed limits should not be exceeded as you will be putting the lives of other people in danger as well. Ohio also has strict rules about not adhering to stop signs or traffic signals. Jumping a traffic sign will attract a penalty as well. Refusing to yield will also attract a fine. These offenses usually get fines anywhere between seventy dollars to four hundred dollars. In Ohio not having proof of insurance, is a punishable offense. If you are asked to show your proof of insurance and you do not have it, you are given one day to take it back and show it. If you do not have proof of insurance, your license will be suspended for ninety days for the first offense and greater time for the second offense.

Driving under influence is a major offense in the State of Ohio. Fines and penalties are imposed. Sometimes licenses can be revoked or suspended as well. Reckless riving and contest driving on the highways are not allowed. It is also very important to ensure safety. If you are found driving without a seat belt or have a child in your vehicle, without the proper child restraint you can attract a heavy fine. You should also be aware of school buses. Failure to yield or over taking while children are boarding or getting down will attract fines and penalties.

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Ohio Insurance: Driving and Traffic Laws
Ohio Insurance: Driving and Traffic Laws

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