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Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes Low in OH

According to the article “Premiums in Ohio are Very Low” by Dan Kelso on toledoblade.com, Ohio has some of the lowest insurance rates in the US.

On average, homeowners insurance is tied for the 5th lowest at $530, compared to the US average of $804.  Ohio’s auto insurance is 13th lowest, which is well below the average.  This is great news for those shopping around for Ohio auto insurance quotes.  The Ohio Department of Insurance regulates insurance rates, so it’s important to keep that in mind as other industries may try to cause concern among consumers.

Much of the US is envious of Ohio’s affordable insurance premiums.  They are very competitive which helps to keep costs down.  The use of insurance scores has caused concern for some, but they are very misunderstood.  With the use of insurance scores most people pay lower insurance premiums overall.  Insurance companies need to use some method of determining which type of customer is more likely to file an insurance claim.  This helps to keep insurance premiums costs down in general.

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Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes Low in OH
Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes Low in OH

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American Coverage Rates in USA

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