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New Driving Legislation in January

Driving Legislation Too Leniant to Be EffectiveThe new year brought about more than new resolutions in California. Starting Jan. 1, the governor put into effect 771 new laws concerning everything from vehicle safety to nutrition. Of those 771, 80 are changes to the vehicle code. While some of this legislation may be effective, most of
these laws simply will not punish offenders harshly enough to be successful.The best known of these laws is the ban on text messaging while the ignition is on. The ban not only applies to texting while driving a vehicle, but also texting while operating a vehicle; for example, texting at a red light is forbidden. The big problem with this piece of legislation is that the punishment is almost like something a teacher would give a student for texting in class - it is too lenient. The first ticket an offender receives results in a $20 fine. No legal ramifications, just $20 dollars. If the offender habitually texts while driving, every ticket after the first fine is $50 per offense. Again, there are no legal ramifications. Parking tickets often punish offenders more than this law. California is basically putting this new ban on texting on the same level as parking illegally, which is simply unacceptable.Texting while driving is a very dangerous action because it can result in the loss of life. It is more dangerous than speeding on the freeway. It is more dangerous than talking on the phone while driving. And it is definitely more dangerous than parking illegally. However, the punishment for texting seems to indicate otherwise. Californians will never stop texting while driving if the ramifications are not harsher.Quite possibly the greatest flaw in the ban is that it explicitly states that dialing a phone number is exempt under the law. That just doesn’t make sense. Why would dialing a phone number be any different than texting if both require the operator to use the same keypad and take their eyes off the wheel? On top of that, talking on the phone while driving is illegal in California, so why would dialing a phone number be any different?

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New Driving Legislation in January
New Driving Legislation in January

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Automotive Automobile Reviews

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