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Nebraska Homeowners Insurance Policy

The facts about roommates and your Nebraska homeowners insurance.

Have you noticed how it’s almost an abnormality for a grown adult to be living on their own these days? Between the rising cost of living just about everywhere in Nebraska and the convenience of sharing a house (you only have to do half the housework!) more people than ever are foregoing the dubious privileges of living on their own and bunking up with friends and family. Living with roommates comes with its own set of challenges, however, and I’m not just talking about figuring out who’s going to hide the evidence when your parents come to visit. You’re also going to have to work out the details of your Nebraska homeowners insurance.

Nebraska Home Insurance
Part of being roommates and walking away friends involves working out the kinks in your homeowners insurance.

If you’re renting an apartment together homeowners insurance is pretty simple. The landlord handles the building, you and your roomie handle what you’ve got inside. The catch is, you can’t just pick up a single policy and split it between you (most of the time). Homeowners insurance policies were definitely made with singles and traditional families in mind, and since they haven’t yet caught up with today’s enlightened society you and your roommate are going to have to pick up your own homeowners insurance policies.

When you’re splitting an apartment it’s usually pretty easy to divvy up what belongs to who. Chances are, much like in the early days of a marriage the two of you are living on what each of you brought the apartment-your microwave, their television. Your sofa, their coffee pot. You’ve probably each got your own computer, cell phone, jewelry box and bed. The name of the game is to divide and conquer-or, in this case, divide and cover. You list your belongings with your Nebraska homeowners insurance company, they list theirs with their Nebraska homeowners insurance company, and you’re good to go.

Things tend to get a little more complicated when you’re cohabiting a house, regardless of what your living situation may be. If your roommate owns the house and you’re just renting from them you’re only responsible for insuring your own belongings-everything else should be covered under their policy. All you have to do is scout out a Nebraska homeowners insurance company and purchase renter’s insurance.

If you’re not renting, however, what you should be paying for gets a little trickier. If both of your names are on the deed to the house you should be able to buy homeowners insurance from a Nebraska home insurance provider in both your names to encompass the entire house. If you’re not paying rent but you’re not the owner of the house you’re still going to need to buy your own renters insurance to cover your belongings, just in case. It would be nice to think you could trust your roommate to cut you in on the deal if the house was destroyed and the insurance company cut them a nice big check, but they’re not obligated to-and the last thing you want to do is find yourself in the position of having to fight with them over it.

If you’re living under the same roof you’re already going to have enough to fight over without adding fuel to the fire.

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Nebraska Homeowners Insurance Policy
Nebraska Homeowners Insurance Policy

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