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NE Fall Foliage Season Gets into Full Swing

“Rite of Leaf Peeping” Practiced on Local RoadsAlthough New Englanders don’t like to shout about it, the Northeast corner of the country will soon be the prettiest section of the country. It coincides with “leaf peeping season.” This special season starts about two weeks after the official end of summer. It coincides with the first frost of the season (we had ours two nights ago).

What happens, the meteorologists on WBZ-TV, Boston, noted the other day, is that some of the leaves are still alive and producing chlorophyll, while others are at the end of the road and begin to take on the vivid hues for which they are known. For example, maple can turn bright red, while hickory and ash can turn bright yellow or orange.

Cool, Wet Spring, Summer

With the cool spring and early summer that plagued New England and the copious amounts of rain that fell, the mantle (top layer of leaves in a forest) has grown lush that when changes happen they will be especially noticeable.

And, taking into account the warm days and cold nights we’ve had, coupled with very little rain, the trees have begun to shut off their photosynthesis and colors have appeared.

Given the weather that New England has experienced, this should be a good year for the color wave which has already started marching from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont (one of the farthest spots from Boston) so that the peak is there right now. It will be moving into Maine and Northern New Hampshire in the next week or so and it will hit southern New Hampshire in about two weeks. About the middle or end of October, the color wave will reach northern and central MA and then move on to the south.

Actually, with the weather that New England has been experiencing over the last 20 days or so, it’s a wonder the that New England’s “Annual Rite of Leaf Peeping” isn’t already in full swing. (There’s really no such rite, but it sounds good, so why not start one?)

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NE Fall Foliage Season Gets into Full Swing
NE Fall Foliage Season Gets into Full Swing

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