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Harley Davidson 883 Insurance Review

Harley Davidson is known the world over as a manufacturer of quality motorcycles and most youngsters dream of owning a Harley Davidson. They became all the more famous after being inducted into the police force of most cities in the United States and have always been associated with this macho profession. Harley Davidson have made the Sportster model since 1957 but their first 883 model came off their production lines in 1986. It is the least expensive of the Harley Davidson Sportster models now being manufactured.

Harley Davidson makes about eight models of the Sportster of which four come into the category that is labeled as the Harley Davidson 883. There are three other models that are in the category of the Sportster 1200 and their other model the XL50 was introduced by Harley Davidson to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Sportster model. Of these eight models the Harley Davidson 883 is the most popular model and is available world wide.

The first of these models is the Harley Davidson 883 XL. This is the cheapest version of the Sportster and has a price between $6595 and $7990. The model that is next on the list is the Harley Davidson 883 XL Low which is slightly costlier than the XL model. You then move up to the Harley Davidson 883 XL Custom which can cost you anything up to $9555. Then of course the last of the Harley Davidson 883 models is the Harley Davidson 883R XL which could cost you between $ 8000 and $ 9000. All these motorcycles have the Sportster tradition between them and the choice that you make would be based completely on your personal needs and budget.

Harley Davidson has taken pains to improve the riding experience while designing these new Harley Davidson 883 models. They have enlarged the rear axle, leading to increased stability. They have also improved on the frame and used rubber to separate the engines from the frame. This has led to reduced vibration and therefore smoother rides. So the bike feels quite good when you are riding it.

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Harley Davidson 883 Insurance Review
Harley Davidson 883 Insurance Review

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