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KIA Soul Coverage Review

Kia Builds a Box with Style on the Way to Revitalizing Its Entire LineupAs a corporate entity, Kia is maintaining an upbeat mood in these times of financial crisis. Rather than battening down the hatches, the Korean brand seems to be steaming ahead at full speed, introducing all-new products left and right. Of course, the fact that Kia’s stock in trade is reliable and frugal vehicles with an affordable price tag means that times of economic difficulty are just the thing for catching the eye of consumers who might be trying to escape their overpriced SUVs and full-size cars.

If Kia hopes to get some attention, it couldn’t have hoped for a better object of desire than the Soul. Aimed at buyers looking for more style and personality than the average econobox offers, the Soul is an “urban activity” vehicle with a funky, boxy look and a range of quirky equipment to go along with it. While Scion readies its next hip leap forward, the Kia Soul aims to be the hottest ride going for the club kids.

That’s not to say that the Soul will only appeal to 18-year-olds, however. The success of Honda’s Element among a wide range of buyers suggests that it’s not just twenty-somethings who like the box. Designed at Kia’s Southern California studio, the Soul is definitely boxy, but it’s got personality as well. Kia’s new corporate grille is the centerpiece of a rounded front end, giving the Soul a unique grin. The tall, squared-off body has a rising beltline meeting a slightly sloped roof, which injects a dose of drama. All of the roof pillars except the rearmost D-pillar are hidden. At the rear, vertical taillights emphasize the Soul’s cargo-carrying ability. Available sixteen- or eighteen-inch wheels and black trim give the Soul a sporty, modern look. The slab sides and big flat tailgate are just crying out for some MINI Cooper-style factory decals, though Kia hasn’t committed to making any available yet.

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KIA Soul Coverage Review
KIA Soul Coverage Review

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KIA Motors Autocar Insure and Drive

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