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How to be insured? Disabled motor insurance and disabled drivers insurance co

Many motor insurance companies promise the suitable premiums and high coverage but a few of them realize it. Our motor attorneys consider that disabled motor insurance lays in sphere of the interests of motor company as well as insured person: the first one receive favorable clients while the second one get the good quotes. At the start of looking for disabled motor insurance, do not forget to make comparison the motor insurance aim with your quote! That is why we are publishing online the information about disabled drivers insurance co for our readers. This topic named «MOTOR INSURANCE FOR DISABLED DRIVERS» is included in the review «CHEAP MOTOR INSURANCE QUOTE» on our site.

In the past it has been difficult for drivers with disabilities to obtain cheap motor insurance for disabled drivers, in particular for those with adapted motor vehicles. However during the past ten years it seems that the disabled motor insurance business has woken up to the need for disability motor insurance. There are now even disabled drivers insurance companies who specialise in providing the kind of cover needed by the disabled driver.

Common concerns about disability motor insurance

A frequent concern for disabled drivers when choosing motor insurance quote is how far their disability is a factor in arriving at an auto premium for driver with disability. Please be aware when looking for disabled motor insurance quotes as well as the usual information such as: age, gender, driving experience, accidents, convictions, and type of motor vehicle, insurers are going to want to know about any disabilities particularly if there are any DVLA restrictions on your motor licence.

Insurers are not allowed to refuse motor insurance to disabled driver or charge extra unless there is significant evidence to justify the decision (Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as ammended in 2005). Any disabled motor insurance premium has to be based on a reasonable assessment of risk and if you have passed your test in an adapted vehicle and have shown that you are capable of driving safely (and to the required standard) that is sufficient for any motor ins company to quote.

Why disabled motor insurance carry higher premium?

If you are adjusting to a new disability and there are statistics to show that there is an increased risk then you may have to pay more for your motor insurance for disabled driver. A motor insurance company has to prove, statistically, that there is an increased risk of a particular person or group of people having a road accident before they can increase the motor premium for disabled driver proportionately to cover that risk.

It is always a good idea to have additional named drivers (like a relative or carer) to help if you do not want to drive, and temporary motor insurance for any driver in the event of an emergency - a cover extension that many insurers now offer as a matter of course. It is important to have provision for an alternative means of transport not just to get you to your destination or home in the event of an accident or breakdown, but also to provide an alternative means of getting around until your motor vehicle is repaired. More and more insurers are offering the temporary loan of a vehicle particularly if their registered garage is used for the repair, however if your motor vehicle has special adaptations this may not be appropriate. It is always worth checking the small print of your policy to make sure the alternatives offered are suitable to needs of driver with disabilities.

Adapted motor vehicle insurance for disabled driver

The cost of any purpose made adaptations to your vehicle (such as hand controls) are much more likely to affect the cost of motor insurance for disabled driver. Repairing or replacing an adapted motor vehicle is likely to be more expensive than a standard car vehicle; the special nature of the car will be reflected in the premium.

There is no clear answer as to how far a disability contributes to the cost of disabled driver’s motor insurance or how far it is taken into account as a rating factor. There are policies specially designed for adapted cars and their drivers but if you feel you are being treated unreasonably by a particular insurer take your business elsewhere.

Extended auto policy cover for disabled motor driver

A 24-hour help line in the event of an emergency is especially important if your vehicle breaks down and you need immediate help. There may be an additional charge for breakdown and a “get you to your destination” automotive service which may well be worth considering.

Take care that the level of cover offered includes any adaptations that have been made to your motor vehicle; these can often be expensive and are not included in the cost of a replacement vehicle. You will also need to make sure that any additional features or adaptations are insured on a “new for old” basis since they do not lose their value in the same way as a car.

"Can I get low cost automotive insurance quote?"

Some people prefer to ask: "Can I find inexpensive automobile ins quotes in Fort Worth?" or "Can I find discount car insurance deals for safe driver?". The answer is simple: focus on the thread "Motor Insurance for Disabled Drivers" about disabled drivers insurance co and understand the advices from the commercial automobile insurer's company.

Motor Insurance for Disabled Drivers
Motor Insurance for Disabled Drivers
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