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Mc Laren F1 LM is the Most Expensive Sports Car

When the members of McLaren company, whose cars became the winners of world championship of Formula-1seven times, decided to create the first traveling car the most exotic, the most expensive sport car in history was invented with 627-power Mc Laren F1 LM 6.1


Mc Laren F1 is the most powerful serial car on earth; this is the real monster of roads. You only will look at this miracle of SciTech! This is not the same as Porsche or Ferrari! All these cars, including racing, are built in there and all by hand to 100 percent with the use of recent achievements of technique! And its cost is only $1.000.000! Other needs to be seen! Briefly saying, taking into consideration the price and quantity of cars produced per year, it is possible to conclude that its place in private collections.


As for the power, the most unbelievable car McLaren F1 darkens Ferrari even F50. All construction of McLaren is based on technology of making racing cars as for formula 1. Talking about the features of car attribute the location of driver arm-chair is the central axis, and two passengers behind are disposed to the left and to the right of him. McLaren is equipped with the thoroughly modernized motor of BMW V12 from the passenger car of 750i. The electronic control systems of aerodynamic planes and air ventilator under a bottom provide safety| and stability on the steepest turns and speeds. An ordinary traveling variant can be purchased for 1.6 million German brands. There is also a racing car F1 GTR with the modernized basket.

Mc Laren has the filoform of bottom and cross-beams with coverage from carbon fiber. It gives exceptional durability and striking crashworthiness for its models. Front partition is executed of magnesium alloy, and an engine and gear-box, as at racing bolides, simultaneously execute the function of power elements and are new for a back pendant.

The organs of car running are placed in the center of salon and the arm-chairs of passengers are a little moved back for the best view and more comfort for a driver.



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Mc Laren F1 LM is the Most Expensive Sports Car
Mc Laren F1 LM is the Most Expensive Sports Car

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