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Mazda 3 i-stop Policy

Mazda has just announced a European Mazda 3 model that will include an engine stop-start feature, dubbed Mazda 3 i-stop. When paired with the company’s direct-injected, 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, Mazda claims the system reduces fuel consumption by 14 percent over the previous 3’s conventional 2.0-liter without direct injection.

Unlike start-stop offerings from other manufacturers, i-stop relies on combustion energy, and very little from the engine’s electric starter, to re-juice the engine. This allows for a restart that Mazda claims is twice as fast as conventional systems. Ignoring the possible real-world benefits, it’s not likely that the start-stopping Mazda 3 will make it to North America since such systems are costly and do little to help in EPA testing.

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By Patrick M. Hoey

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Mazda 3 i-stop Policy
Mazda 3 i-stop Policy

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