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Managing Transport Challenges

Summary of Transport Problems that Countries Face and Mitigation MethodsThree of the most common challenges urban environments always face is housing problems, transport problems as well as socio-economic problems. In this article, I would explore these problems as well as various management strategies to solve transport problems.Firstly, transport problems occur in the following areas, congestion which occurs when transport networks are unable to accommodate the larger volume of traffic, especially in LDCs with a mish-mash of animal and human traffic. There might also be a decline in quality of public transport use to frequent overcrowding and decline in patronage. car parking might also be a problem as vehicle ownership increases, especially in the CBD areas where traffic volume is extremely high. Lastly changing land use patterns like out of town shopping complexes might also creates localized areas of congestion. Lastly, problems of pollution would also result due to emissions from the higher number of vehicles present. However, problems faced by LDCs are unlikely to be similar to those faced by DCs. While congestion in DCs is caused by excessive vehicle transport, LDCs problems are caused by human and animal traffic. Furthermore, while DCs might face problems providing enough public transport for peak hour traffic, LDCs tend to suffer from substandard vehicles and poor co-ordination.Strategies to solve transport problems include supply side strategies. Supply side policies aim to increase the capacity of the roads by widening the roads and constructing motorways so that roads are less overcrowded. Integrating landuse and transportation planning also help by planning for cities to cater to certain types of transports so as to reduce congestion. Lastly, quality of public transport can also be improved alongside increase in frequency. The role of providing public transport can be privatized to the private sector to enable more flexibility, however the risk of a breakdown in provision might be too great.

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Managing Transport Challenges
Managing Transport Challenges

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