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Maine Outlaws Distracted Driving

AUGUSTA, Maine - Car drivers, drop those cellphones. & lose the laptops, bag the Considerable Macs, and nix the newspapers & roadmaps while you’re remain the wheel. It’s now vs the law to drive when distracted in Maine.

More than a dozen states enjoy passed laws making texting when driving illegal, and a little states and cities get outlawed use of cell phones when driving. A bill in Congress would energy states to ban texting or e-mailing or lose 25 percent of their year federal highway funding.

Maine legislators, nevertheless, reasoned that accidents can arrangement from a number of distractions not due limited to handheld communication devices. Roughly 12,000 crashes in Maine every year - about a third of the total crashes in the province - stem from a little kind of driver distraction, said Lt. Chris Grotton, who helped to develope Maine’s new law.

“Our seat here was, instead of going after the machine, let’s focus on the positive issue - and the investigation is distraction,” said Grotton. “I envision it will mitigate accidents in Maine. It’s a operation, but a big step.”

Province Senator Bill Diamond, Democrat of Windham, said he was moved to introduce the payment after a state trooper reported seeing a woman motoring through turnpike toll booths during the Fourth of July weekend when watching the “Gilmore Girls” on her laptop.

Maine’s new code, which sets fines of up to $500, defines distracted as being busy in an activity not necessary to the development of the vehicle and that impairs, or could lessen, the ability to drive safely.

As Diamond explains it, doing something that takes a motorist’s concentration off the path and could potentially target an accident becomes illegal. It doesn’t produce any particular action felonious, as long as the driver isn’t distracted, said Diamond.

Well publicized cases of crashes involving motorists texting have also prompted Maine lawmakers to deal with crackdowns on texting or cellphone manipulate. In June, the Legislature’s Transportation Comittee heard testimony on 15 antithetic bills that would sincere texting or using a cellphone outwards a hands-free device when driving. But so far, no measures accept passed.

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Maine Outlaws Distracted Driving
Maine Outlaws Distracted Driving

Category ME Road Accidents in State of Maine

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ME Road Accidents in State of Maine

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