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Luxury Incarnate: Porsche Insurance

Porsche AG, simply known as Porsche, is a German-based auto manufacturer. Founded by Ferdinand Porsche back in 1931, the Porsche is well-known as a luxury car, it has even won awards for being such from the Luxury Institute in New York.

Early Models

The Porsche first came out with the Porsche 64. This model shared many of the same parts as the Volkswagen Beetle which Ferdinand Porsche was ordered to design by Adolf Hitler himself as an affordable people’s car. Due to the war, the Porsche 64 never made it to the marketplace and once the fighting was over, it was replaced with the slightly more modern 356.

The Porsche 356 is considered to technically be the first Porsche vehicles since the 64 model was never actually sold. This model also used parts of the Beetle, including the engine, suspension and even the gearbox, although as the 356 evolved (there were three versions, A, B, and C), it began to use exclusively Porsche components until the last model, the 356C, was completely powered by Porsche-designed engine parts.

The Porsche 550 Spyder came out as a racing car and had great success on the race track, along with several other models that were designed specifically for speed.

In 1963, the Porsche 911 was introduced and quickly became arguably the most famous Porsche automobile. This vehicle was designed by Ferdinand’s grandson, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, with input from Erwin Komanda, the current production leader at the time. The two supposedly fought over the design because Komanda made unauthorized changes. This fight led to Ferry Porsche taking his son’s drawings of the body shell to another company to have it made.

This second company was Reuter, who was later taken over by Porsche and turned into a seat producer called Reiper-Recaro.

Originally, the Porsche 911 was called the 901, but Peugot already had a claim on all three numeral numbers with “0″ in the middle, so Porsche changed the name to 911. This changed the order of the cars as well, since they had always named them in sequence. The 911 is still on the market today, although drastically different than the original vehicle.

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Luxury Incarnate: Porsche Insurance
Luxury Incarnate: Porsche Insurance

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