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Lower Back Injury in Car Mechanics

Implications for EmployersLower back injuries are common in the work place. So common, in fact, that many employers take extra precautions to find ways to prevent work related lower back injuries in employees who are most at risk. If you work in a field that is associated with the building of cars or the repair of cars, you may be at a marked risk for sustaining a lower back injury and require additional accommodations by your employer.

Mechanics typically sustain injuries from two types of events at work. First, a mechanic may sustain a repetitive trauma injury from moving about in a similar fashion all day, ever day. An example of this type of injury includes the repetitive motion of checking oil or changing tires. In addition to repetitive motion injuries, auto mechanics also sustain blunt trauma injuries from being hit by objects while in the work place. In both of these work related injuries, employers sustain significant financial impact as medical expenses for treating the work injury can be quite costly.

Car mechanics sustain low back injuries most often from lifting objects but may also experience lower back injury from lying on their backs for many hours. To prevent this type of injury, employers often provide orthopedic back brace supports for their mechanics to lie on and may even purchase vehicle lifts so cars can be raised and not require bending and stopping so often.

If, as a car mechanic, you are suffering from lower back pain, it is important to report the injury to your employer immediately. With rest, medications and possibly some therapy, your low back pain can be alleviated. You do not want to continue working when you have a work related injury as the work environment may only exacerbate the complication. In addition to these treatments, be sure that your employer has provided the padded support you need and, if not, ask about the purchase of the padded support or if the employer plans to purchase a vehicle lift.

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Lower Back Injury in Car Mechanics
Lower Back Injury in Car Mechanics

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