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Kia Cee Headed to Frankfurt


Kia has updated the European Cee’d to incorporate the company’s new design DNA. The car now shares the sharper grille and edgier lines seen on the Forte and all-new Sorento. In fact, the entire exterior has been redesigned and the Cee’d is now about an inch longer than before.

Kia also reports that the car’s suspension - already pretty competent when we drove one - has been reworked, and that the interior styling has been tweaked. Toys like dual-zone climate control, a hill-holder function, and projector headlights are all planned.

Engine choices include a new 1.6-liter diesel codenamed “U2,” hopefully unrelated to the band, with a six-speed manual transmission. When the new Cee’d reaches the U.K. in October, there will also be a thrifty ECO-dynamics model incorporating engine stop-start tech. Pricing and more will be announced at the Frankfurt show, but one thing’s for sure: the Cee’d isn’t likely to make it to American shores.

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Kia Cee Headed to Frankfurt
Kia Cee Headed to Frankfurt

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KIA Motors Autocar Insure and Drive

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