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How to be insured? Travel health insurance plan and health insurance international

International Health Insurance and Travel Health Insurance Plan

International health insurance plans will generally cover the policyholder on a world wide basis; however there are some exceptions to this. Generally an international health insurance plan will offer the policyholder two options in regards to their area of coverage; worldwide, or worldwide excluding the USA. The main reason for this is the fact that medical costs in the USA are the highest in the world, and if a plan includes coverage in this area then the premium will more likely be higher than a health care plan that does not include coverage in America; generally though, plans that provide coverage on a worldwide excluding the USA basis will offer a fairly high amount of coverage for out of area emergency treatment (more than the coverage associated with a local health insurance plan). So while it may seem like you are excluded from treatment in the USA, this exclusion normally pertains to voluntary treatment rather than emergency healthcare.

International health insurance plan for individuals

Aside from the confusion that surrounds health insurance and the geographic coverage area offered by a plan come a plethora of other issues that many people are not all that familiar with. Tragically many individuals remain in the dark as to exactly what their health insurance plans will offer them, and even more concerning is the fact that many expatriates do not concern themselves with the state of the healthcare system in the countries that they have relocated to. This leaves many foreign nationals in the dark as to what services they are entitled to receive and, in many cases, how to receive the treatment that they need. There is a large amount of naivete displayed by expatriates relocating overseas when it comes to healthcare. Many expatriates come from highly developed western nations and are looking to lead a different life. While this offers them new opportunities and life styles a large majority of foreign nations overseas arrive in their destination expecting that, should anything go wrong, they will be able to receive the same high quality medical care and treatment abroad as they would in their home country. This is not the case.

The quality of healthcare services will dramatically change from country to country, a fact that remains surprisingly unknown to many expatriates around the world. In certain countries general healthcare facilities will not be able to provide any options other than immediate emergency care, while some nations will be able to offer comprehensive treatment, but at a much higher cost. It is vital that any individual considering a permanent move overseas understand the healthcare situation and system in their destination. Treatment options can range from the limited to the extraordinary, but it is important to understand that the standard of healthcare and health insurance plans in your destination will not be the same as in your home country.

International healthcare and travel health insurance plans

Getting to know the healthcare system in the country that you are moving to is a vital part in any international relocation. Apart from simply giving you a comprehensive understanding of your treatment options this can also allow you to fully explore all the options that you have in regards to health insurance in the region. Another common issue for expatriates who have recently relocated to a new country is with regards to coverage of a pre-existing condition, with many individuals believing that, due to the fact that they have a pre-existing medical condition, they are ineligible to receive international health insurance coverage at all. In fact this is not the case at all.

Typically there are four options available to individuals who are suffering from a pre-existing condition who wish to obtain healthcare coverage. These options are: exclusion, moratorium, premium loading, or medical history disregarded. If the condition is excluded from coverage then the policyholder will not be able to claim for any treatment of that condition or any associated medical treatments necessitated from that condition, they will still be able, however, to receive coverage for any other illnesses or injuries that occur during the course of the policy. In the event of a moratorium there will usually be a waiting period of two years after the commencement of the policy before the condition can be reconsidered for coverage. Another alternative may be the increase of the annual premium to cover the costs associated with treatment of the condition, however this may not be applicable to most medical conditions, and will typically be included in a policy on a case by case basis. Medical history disregarded is the best way with which to deal with a pre-existing condition, however this benefit will normally be offered only to groups with 15 or more members; in this case all pre-existing conditions for all members of the group will be covered.

Some terms for international health insurance policy

Understanding what terms and conditions are applicable to your expatriate health insurance policy is extremely important, as is fully understanding the benefits that you are receiving. In terms of coverage benefits it is possible to obtain health insurance policies that will provide cover for a whole range of medical treatments, and many individuals purchasing these plans do so only to ensure their safety. However, depending on where you may be geographically located not all of these benefits will be suitable; it is, for example, obtaining a plan with a full dental benefit may be a good idea in Europe or the USA, but foreign nationals who are relocating to South East Asia may never use the coverage as dental treatment in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore is relatively inexpensive. The same follows for international citizens moving to the USA, if your plan covers you in the states then an emergency evacuation benefit may not be entirely feasible and just contribute to an increased premium.

The general misconceptions and myths pertaining to healthcare and international health insurance plans around the world generally come from a lack of understanding. While it can be difficult to obtain the information that you need before leaving for your destination there are always options. By utilizing resources such as the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Center for Disease Control’s online database, or accessing the WHO’s international website can allow you to realistically assess the health care situation in any given country before you arrive. In addition to the plethora of websites and online tools at your disposal is the entire international insurance industry. Simply by talking to different international health insurance companies or a reputable broker can help you understand the intricacies of a health insurance plan and the international healthcare system as a whole. If for some reason you are confused about healthcare or health insurance for travelers in a specific country take some time to think about the situation, and if you are still in doubt, call a insurer professional.

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