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Ford Taurus SHO. Ford Motor Company has been running ads drawing favorable comparisons between the new Taurus SHO and certain Euro makes that we tend to hold holy. The idea is to get you and us to think of this car as a serious sports sedan. There’s certainly enough underhood muscle to fortify this kind of thinking. The 365-horsepower [...] 10Best Test Notes: 2010 Ford Taurus SHO. Approved at 03:10, 02.10.2009

Ford Mercury MKZ: “Fusion” Cuisine. MKZ and Fusion Restyled Have Had Radical Restylen the auto industry, it’s almost an axiom that when you introduce a new line, the platform remains pretty much unchanged - with only cosmetic changes - for about six years. It’s at this point that the marketing mavens get together and, looking at the numbers, decide whether [...] Mercury MKZ: Ford's "Fusion" Cuisine Cooks Up Fine MKZ. Issued at 09:10, 01.10.2009

Ford Fusion Hybrid. Some might not consider the Ford Fusion Hybrid a performance car, but I do. Unlike high-powered performance cars, the Fusion Hybrid’s performance isn’t based on speed or horsepower, but rather on fuel economy. Around our roughly 15-mile driving loop I worked hard to maximize the Fusion’s fuel economy. careful throttle applications to avoid using the [...] 10Best Test Notes: 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid. Posted at 04:09, 30.09.2009

Ford Fusion SE Prices. Of the plethora of vehicles large, small, semi-exotic, and mundane that comprise our annual 10Best showdown, this rather unassuming Ford Fusion with a 175-hp, 2.5-liter four-cylinder and a six-speed manual transmission made an impression on me today not for what it is, but for what it isn’t: It’s not flashy, bulky, or compromised by trying [...] 10Best Test Notes: 2010 Ford Fusion SE. Published at 04:09, 30.09.2009

Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company. Henry believed he can have every American on wheels in America, and he did it by revolutionizing the automobile industry through the tough love direction of himself and Ford Motors Company. Henry ford, the American pioneered; made it possible for every American to have a car which it dramatically transformed the social structure of the [...] Henry Ford & Ford Motor Company. Printed at 01:09, 30.09.2009

Ford Focus RS: Too Much of a Good Thing. A couple of things that my father stressed to me from an early age were that handling isn’t the same thing as roadholding and that ride quality is rather important. This latter lesson came back as I was driving a Ford Focus RS the other week in the U.K. The British press has fallen in love [...] 2009 Ford Focus RS: Too Much of a Good Thing. Added at 22:09, 29.09.2009

Buying a Ford Mustang Car Insurance. In April of 2003, I went to my local Ford dealer to purchase a brand new Mustang. It was a dark shadow clear coat grey base model with a six cylinder engine. It also came equipped with the Pony package (basically I got the hood of a GT and polished rims) and the interior upgrade [...] After Buying a Ford Mustang, I Became Mustang Famous. Issued at 20:09, 29.09.2009

Ford F-series Super Duty. Ford’s super brute gets super-er. Less than two years after it completely revamped its popular F-150 pickup, Ford will introduce the freshened 2011 F-Series Super Duty, which features two new, more powerful engines and an even more brazen look than before. There are plenty of changes to talk about here, and the visual ones can probably be [...] 2011 Ford F-series Super Duty Car News. Checked at 20:09, 25.09.2009

Ford Mustang GT Convertible. WHAT IS IT?The convertible version of America’s newest sweetheart. Easily the most sun-hungry automobile in Ford’s 2010 lineup, the Mustang GT Convertible is right at home in SoCal, where we first sampled it. Indeed, with myriad improvements made across the 2010 Mustang range, the open-top version and sunny SoCal still represent a match made in [...] Quick Spin: 2010 Ford Mustang GT Convertible. Written at 01:09, 25.09.2009

Ford Launches Figo for Indian Market. This is the Ford Figo, an all-new car set to go on sale in India early next year. The name is Italian slang for “cool,” and the Figo certainly looks it. The Figo’s basic architecture is that of the (presumably previous-gen) Fiesta, and it shares the trapezoidal lower grille and edgy lines that are typical [...] Ford Launches Figo for Indian Market. Printed at 23:09, 23.09.2009

Leno Shows Electric Focus Hails from Europe. The battery-electric Focus to be used in the new Leno show’s “Green car Challenge” has been revealed, and it’s based on the European five-door Focus ST. Ford put the car together at its Dearborn headquarters in six weeks, tuning it on a track built in Michigan to simulate the course celebrity drivers will be competing [...] Leno Show's Electric Focus Hails from Europe. Checked at 08:09, 18.09.2009

Ford Taurus SHO Quotations. One of the only significant criticisms of the excellent Ford Taurus SHO - well, besides lifeless steering and subpar brakes - involves its styling. Not that it’s unattractive, but all Tauruses are attractive. Other than great wheels, a tiny spoiler, subtle silver trim around the front LED bars, and teensy SHO badges on the C-pillar [...] Ford Taurus SHO to Get a Little More SHO-wy in 2012. Approved at 02:09, 18.09.2009

Ford Debuts Four-Cylinder EcoBoost Engine Family. In conjunction with the unveilings of the new Ford C-Max and Grand C-Max people-movers at the Frankfurt auto show, the Dearborn-based automaker also is officially taking the wraps off its range of EcoBoost four-cylinders. The new 1.6- and 2.0-liter engines sport turbochargers and direct injection and are designed to produce similar power with better fuel [...] Ford Debuts Four-Cylinder EcoBoost Engine Family in Frankfurt. Posted at 01:09, 16.09.2009

Ford Flex Insurance. Predictions are very high for this 2009 Ford Flex. This is a vehicle that is completing the crossover move akin to the one that was made by the first that the Explorer did when the SUV boom got underway or what happened to the sedans when the Taurus onslaught ensued. Ford Flex is oriented towards [...] The 2009 Ford Flex - Big and Fun. Compiled at 22:09, 12.09.2009

Ford Fusion - Mid-Sized Sedan of the Future. The Ford Fusion has a lot of options for interior and exterior design, as well as many safety features and offers that makes it one of the nation’s favorite mid-size vehicles. For a mid-size sedan, the Ford Fusion gets the best fuel economy and is even available as a hybrid, to further rescue your wallet [...] The 2010 Ford Fusion - Mid-Sized Sedan of the Future. Compiled at 08:09, 12.09.2009

Ford Focus - Focusing on Economy Insurance. The Ford Focus used to be a small, compact car that was pretty unremarkable except for its bulbous appearance so different from other, more streamlined compacts. With the 2009 model, Ford has made changes not only to the body, but also to the interior and performance. Focus’ exterior is the most obvious change for 2009, making [...] The 2009 Ford Focus - Focusing on Economy. Published at 07:09, 12.09.2009

Ford Motor Company: Management and Leadership. Economic changes continue to transform the very essence of how business is conducted. A company must be able to recognize the paths they face and be able to poise themselves to confront any obstacles to achieve the goals they set. One would ask how a company can poise themselves to meet these demands and the [...] Ford Motor Company: Management and Leadership. Approved at 02:09, 12.09.2009

Ford Grand C-Max. Who says sexy isn’t for small minivans? The upcoming Frankfurt auto show is fraught with more leaks than a post-posse Bonnie and Clyde, and the latest news to trickle out concerns the racy 2010 Ford Grand C-Max. This seven-seat mini-MPV - think Mazda 5 - will debut at the show alongside a five-seat sibling, both of [...] 2010 Ford Grand C-Max Official Photos Leaked. Issued at 01:09, 12.09.2009

Ford Focus Battery Electric Vehicle. The Jay Leno Show will premiere on September 14th and the star of the show’s “Green car Challenge” - aside from the celebrity drivers - will be Ford’s battery-electric Focus. This example of the Focus BEV was specially developed by Ford’s hybrid and battery electric vehicle program and Ford Racing for use by celebrity guests [...] Ford Focus Battery Electric Vehicle is Leno Show's Car of Choice. Compiled at 03:09, 10.09.2009

Ford Focus Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). “The Jay Leno Show” will premiere on September 14th and the star of show’s “Green car Challenge”-not including the celebrity drivers-will be Ford’s battery-electric Focus. This example of the Focus BEV was specially developed by Ford’s hybrid and battery electric vehicle program and Ford Racing for use by celebrity guests who will compete against one [...] Ford Focus Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) is Leno Show's Car of Choice. Issued at 21:09, 09.09.2009

Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices
Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices

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Ford Taurus SHO
Ford Taurus SHO

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