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Toyota Recall of September 2009

The Toyota recall for September 2009 is the latest blow to automobiles. This September 2009 Toyota recall isn’t about the economy, however. The historic Toyota recall in September 2009 instead seems to be about floor mats. In a critical time for Toyota and automobiles as a while, the
Toyota Recall of September 2009 Caused by Floor Mats massive Toyota recall of September 2009 has to do with floor mats that can become very dangerous if unsecured. These floor mats already helped cause one crash in San Diego, so the Toyota recall of 3.8 million more automobiles will hopefully stop any future incidents.

The car industry has hit some infamous economic milestones lately, but the Toyota recall is something completely different. A record 3.8 million automobiles are being recalled in September 2009, according to Sign On San Diego, all because these cars do not have secure floor mats.

Such a thing might seem odd, but to drivers, it makes perfect sense. One unlucky family in San Diego was the victim of bad floor mats, as their mat got tangled up with the gas pedal and made the car go up to 120 mph. Four people inside, including a California Highway Patrol officer, were killed in the subsequent crash.

The car they used was a Toyota Lexus, which may be most vulnerable to fault floor mats. As such, the Toyota recall is primarily calling back Lexus vehicles, as well as other brands like the Camry, Avalon and Prius. Drivers of these cars are also advised to contact the company if there are any problems.

Such a recall is the last thing that Toyota or any other car company needs at the moment, as the automobile industry continues their economic recovery. Recalling 3.8 million cars is not a desired goal in a recession, but it is better than the deaths and bad publicity that would ensue from letting the problem go unchecked.

The public’s relationship with cars is uneasy as it is, as they worry enough about affording cars, and their environmental impact, without also worrying if their floor mats can help get them killed.

The Toyota recall of September 2009, and what triggered it, is hardly the most promising sign to make people feel confident behind the wheel.


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Toyota Recall of September 2009
Toyota Recall of September 2009

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