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Roush 427R Mustang

Jack Roush has been reported to say that he will drive a 427R Mustang
around the country to supervise his NASCAR race teams.

So what makes this Roush 427R Mustang worth driving around the
country? The 427R package is equipped with a Roushcharged 4.6-liter
3- valve per cylinder V8 engine. It has a M90 Roots type supercharger

using Eaton internals but it is calibrated by Roush engineers and thus
belts out 435 hp at 6450 rpm and 400 lb.-ft. of torque at 3759 rpm.

The engine is smooth with linear power delivery and it has only slight
supercharger whine at high rpm. What you will hear in spades however,
is one of the meanest sounding V8 growls ever. The Roush engine does
not just sound great, it runs great! The 427R will hit 60 mph in 4.8 seconds
and do the quarter mile in 13.3 seconds.

The Roush 427R transformation costs $14,156. This money includes
Roush suspension involving new front struts, rear shocks, springs,
plus anti roll bars. The setup is stiffer than that of a stock Mustang but
not unreasonably harsh for regular road use. The system does inspire
driver confidence in that the car will go where it is directed during
aggressive driving.

The car can be equipped with a short throw shift kit ($410). It takes
some force to go through the gears but it has some of the most positive
linkage available in a manual shift transmission.

The price of the Roush engineering is not cheap; however, it is hard to
say what pure American fun is worth. And few cars come more
equipped for fun that the Roush 427R Mustang!

If it is good enough for Jack Roush, it may well be good enough
for you!

Kyle Busch is the author of “Drive the Best for the Price…” He
welcomes your comments or car questions at his auto web site:

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Roush 427R Mustang
Roush 427R Mustang

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