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Top Three Cars with Unusual Designs

Car designs are a result of imagination. But sometimes, the flight of fancy can take to another level and consequently, car designers come up with car designs that are unconventional and unusual. Here are top 3 cars with weird designs:

Kumho Epoch

The Kumho Epoch is designed by the Korean tyre manufacturer Kumho. It is a concept car and the world’s first eco-friendly car.

The Kumho Epoch has a chassis grown from bamboo, thereby providing an immediate carbon offset, and recycled tire tread rubber lightweight body panels. Its revolutionary single-seater car does not contain any steel components and is purely made of natural resources. Its interior is designed using an aromatherapy scented cabin. The Kumho Epoch also consists of a pioneering tyre technology that helps tread and the tyre shape to alter in accordance to the changing road conditions. This is simply done by passing an electric current through the tyres.

Jeep Hurricane

The Jeep Hurricane is a highly concept car that was unveiled at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit by Jeep, a subsidiary of Daimler-Chrysler. The two-seater Jeep Hurricane is composed of light weight carbon fibre, aluminum components and HEMI engine blocks. The car engine can produce immense horsepower, has great climbing ability and superior steering control.

The car challenges the industry with its four-wheel steering system that also has the ability to turn in towards each other. This unique and rare feature enables the car to spin on its own axis during emergencies while driving on rough roads.

The strong and humble stance of the car communicates its unique and unusual capabilities as a car. The designers of this car have succeeded in achieving awards and accolades for this car.

Cree SAM

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Top Three Cars with Unusual Designs
Top Three Cars with Unusual Designs

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