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Mazda CX-9: Sportier Sport Utility Vehicle

Fast and crisp in its decor, the Mazda Cx-9 provides a clever replacement to a mid-size SUV or even a minivan. What you see is not really what you will be getting in the Mazda Cx-9. Crossing over with the Mazda Cx-9 you get the best of either the SUV or minivan.

Thanks to its thrilling new design the Mazda Cx-9 is a dream for adults and its capability of seven people seated comfortably utilizing its third-row seating. The stylish surroundings give it a brighter look and ease of access for some shorter women who find the Mazda Cx-9 and its creature comforts to their liking.

A snappy sporty appearance and sweet handling on the road the Mazda Cx-9 is propelled along by a 3.7-litre V6, 24 valve Ford designed engine that has 273 horses kicking out 270 foot-pounds of torque. The Mazda Cx-9 is matched to a Japanese made automatic transmission that, allows the driver to shit manually, when there is the need for that real driver feeling.

Since its launch in 2007, the Mazda Cx-9 has seen improvements and additions that include Safety features such as electronic stability control (provides drivers with positive control even in slippery conditions), roll stability control and air curtains providing head protection even in side-impact crashes. The U.S. Government has rated the Mazda Cx-9 the highest in possible ratings (five stars) in either side or frontal impact crashes, and a four-star rating for its rollover resistance are just a few of the many safety features found on this rising star.

The Mazda Cx-9 still has that Zoom-Zoom spirit even considering that the vehicle itself is about 4500 pounds in its all wheel version. Still it is a rising star and the various models that it appears in include the basic front wheel drive, the Touring and the Grand Touring versions each trim and various standard features, and of course the ever waiting optional items that each driver adds to make his Mazda Cx-9 a more personalized ride. For those drivers needing to tow trailers the Cx-9 is rated for up to 3500 pounds.

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Mazda CX-9: Sportier Sport Utility Vehicle
Mazda CX-9: Sportier Sport Utility Vehicle

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