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Jaguar XJ - Stylish and Comfortable

The question is if New Jaguar manages to attract the buyers in sharp competition in luxurious segment competing with revolutionary BMW or radical Cadillac? Here is the answer.

General information

No doubt Jaguar is certainly the car of representative class. You will truly see that every little detail of it is classic and at the same time very dynamic. It refers both to exterior and interior and of course the speed characteristics. You can experience the atmosphere of chic in the salon when you open the door. The first impression of the car is that it is classic, stylish however it also has charm and special look.


The basket of new Jaguar XJ consists only from aluminum details, which make the weight consequently less. And thus the salon became far more spacious. And certainly, Jaguar XJ possesses all the features for you to feel the comfort of driving and also much attention was paid to the comfort of passengers. The construction of back seats and the presence of perfect climatic settings, multimedia and displays and the other equipment makes driving both pleasing and relaxing. From the first sight you see the renewed radiator grate designed in the same style as of new S-Type and new front wings. The interior was also changed greatly.

The wood used for interior design is of a very high-quality. The seats are spacious and comfortable. In the central elbow-rest there is a special place for turning on the radio and phone. The novelty of Jaguar XJ is that the anatomic seats have a wide range of regulations.

Because of the well done basket and decreased weight Jaguar is very easy to brake and to operate. It makes it one of the best choices for those who are looking for the car of motion, the car that inspires you for new achievements.


The newest Jaguar XL has the basket made from aluminum which allowed equipping the car with high class 4.2 liter engine of V8 type that has the power of 298 rpm. The gear box has 6 speeds and works in automatic mode only.

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Jaguar XJ - Stylish and Comfortable
Jaguar XJ - Stylish and Comfortable

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