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The Mazda Miata is a chick’s car only to those too insecure to drive one. To those who have, the Miata is everything a fun car needs to be, and nothing more. It’s not going to win many drag races - unless you make a habit of lining up against school buses - but there’s enough power to get into trouble if you feel the need. The car is not slow, but slow enough that you can drive it flat out absolutely everywhere.

You can also drive a Smart Fortwo flat out everywhere, but that’s one we don’t expect to burrow into our hearts any time soon. There’s a reason the Miata has spawned a spec racing series and is the car of choice at driving schools everywhere - actually several reasons: its nimbleness, its ideal balance, and its absolute predictability. Combine those with enough horsepower to have fun but not to disturb the neighbors, and you’ve got everything a person could want in a fun car. What, you think you need a hardtop? Fine, but it takes only 12 seconds to lower and fits in the space of the standard cloth top. That the solution was that simple should tell you this is most definitely not a chick car.

Our 10Best winners will be announced in our January 2010 issue. Please check for it on newsstands on December 5.

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Mazda MX-5 Miata Insurance Rate
Mazda MX-5 Miata Insurance Rate

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Mazda Cars Assurance Coverages

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