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The Sorento abandons its SUV past on the way to crossover-ville.

The previous Kia Sorento wasn’t a bad SUV. It looked good inside and out and offered a ton of value. But that Sorento was an SUV - a full-fledged one - with all that entails: a bulky separate frame, a live axle out back, a jiggly ride, reduced interior room, and a serious fuel-pump addiction. It wasn’t the type of vehicle that plays very well today, what with tightening CAFE standards and increased environmental concerns. And so this all-new 2011 model is less of a redesign than a complete forsaking of that formula, scrapping the old rear-drive-based chassis in favor of a front-drive architecture shared with the Hyundai Santa Fe.

The change has done it good. While our drive was limited to freeway jaunts in a pre-production front-drive V-6 model, the much higher levels of driving refinement and overall utility were pretty apparent. The ride was quiet, the straight-line tracking true, and the comforts suitable for creatures. Size-wise, the Sorento sits roughly alongside the rest of the cute-ute segment, which you’d expect given that the Toyota RAV4, Ford Edge, Chevy Equinox, Mazda CX-7, and Honda CR-V are the targets. But even being a bit longer and a smidge taller than most of its competition - the Toyota Highlander is an ancillary target, too - Kia says weight is down over the previous model by up to 400 pounds.

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KIA Sorento Coverage
KIA Sorento Coverage

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KIA Motors Autocar Insure and Drive

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