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Ford Mercury MKZ: “Fusion” Cuisine

MKZ and Fusion Restyled Have Had Radical Restylen the auto industry, it’s almost an axiom that when you introduce a new line, the platform remains pretty much unchanged - with only cosmetic changes - for about six years. It’s at this point that the marketing mavens get together and, looking at the numbers, decide whether to keep the vehicle, upgrade it or consign it to history.

For example, Ford changed its own history with the Tempo and Topaz of the 1980s. Introduced about 1982, they were Ford’s first American move into a more rounded, cab-forward front-drive design that allowed the automaker to shrink the outside but keep the interior quite room. These two subcompacts propelled Ford to a solid number two in this market and helped to cement its fortunes and they lasted pretty much unchanged until about 1990 when they quietly disappeared from the lineup (you could still order a 1991 but it was a special request).

Tempo/Topaz Twins Set Tone

The Tempo/Topaz twins (Ford/Lincoln-Mercury) weren’t just idle gestures, though, because they served as the testbed and basis for one of the most successful lines in Ford’s history, the Taurus/Sable. The same front-drive chassis - very much stretched - also served as the basis for the Windstar minivan, believe it or not.

The Taurus was introduced in the mid-1980s (about 1985 as a 1986) and pretty true to form, Ford kept the basic design - with improvements - for the next five to six years. The 1991 Taurus marked a large change in the popular line.

If an automaker does release major changes in the lines or styling of an already successful series early, you can be certain that it: a. thinks the series is a major success and needs freshening to keep its sales leadership or b. believes that it is about to become the market leader and wants a strong model.

That has been the case with the the radically restyled Ford Fusion, introduced only three years ago, and it should also be the case with the Mercury MKZ, which was introduced at the same time.

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Ford Mercury MKZ: “Fusion” Cuisine
Ford Mercury MKZ: “Fusion” Cuisine

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