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Volvo XC 70 - Open New Roads

Volvo XC70 (Cross Country) is one more all wheels drive version of Volvo. The exterior was changed greatly. It became more aggressive and sportive.

From the image you can see the noticeable plastic bumpers, baskets round anti-fog headlights painted in the same color as the basket, the lateral mirrors of back view are lager than were designed for previous versions.

General introduction

Both on a cross-country and on a smooth highway new Volvo XC 70 feels like home. The whole-drive system and anti-rotary system TRACS provide excellent stability on the road at any weather conditions. It is possible to make the conclusion that this car will pass wherein the others will have insuperable difficulties. New Volvo is very spacious and safe.


Looking at powerful bars and plastic protective strap forehand, and it makes you sure that the car is reliable. The exterior design is fashionable and you see the difference between it and the other ordinary universal cars.

The grate of the radiator, massive front bumper, original wheeled disks made from light alloy make it look impressive. Plastic lateral moldings and the lower part of bumpers can be painted in the same color as the basket. The color gamut is really special. To sum up enormous wheels and powerful bumpers hint at the large potential of this car.


You can choose from a wide range of engines beginning with 2.5 liter turbo engine of 210 rpm and new 3.2 6-cylinder one of 238 rpm. The top version of crossover will be equipped with V8 engine of 315 rpm by Yamaha. The diesel of 185 rpm is also available.


For an additional charge to Volvo XC70 there is electronic system preventing skidding (DSTC). If there is a tendency to sliding, brakes instantly affect on one or a few wheels for renewal of control. EBA is also included. This function helps to brake urgently.

Volvo XC70 is equipped with ventilated disc brakes and the back ones are disc.


New full drive Volvo XC70 is a wonderful combination of comfort and great ability to drive in cross-road areas. The road clearance is equal to 200 mm which helps it to overcome road gleams easily.

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Volvo XC 70 - Open New Roads
Volvo XC 70 - Open New Roads

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