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Next S-class of Mercedes Cars

Mercedes-Benz S-class safety concept

Tucked away in a corner of Mercedes-Benz’s massive display was an S-class with all of the automaker’s latest safety technology as well as some experimental systems. Look for these two features in the next generation of S-class.

To bolster side-impact protection, Mercedes is testing an inflatable side-impact beam. Upon impact, a small pressurized gas canister violently discharges into the air-tight beam which causes the beam to expand outward. The idea being, that increasing the size of the door beam gains occupants slightly more crush space allowing more energy to be absorbed by the vehicle rather than the occupant.

Mercedes seems to be satiated with fitting the inside of its cars with airbags, so now it’s moving to the outside of the car. Under the front end of the safety concept S-class is an airbag that sits between the front subframe and a metal skidplate that has a patch of hard rubber on it. When a collision is sensed, the airbag deploys and deforms the metal plate about six inches, pushing it firmly into the ground to help slow the car in anticipation of the crash. The plate isn’t intended to completely stop the car, it is only used in an attempt to minimize the collision speed. The airbag deploys with such force that the front of the car is lifted, which cancels out any brake dive thus raising the nose of the car to a normal height in preparation for a collision.

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Next S-class of Mercedes Cars
Next S-class of Mercedes Cars

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Mercedes-Benz Policy Purchasing

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