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Honda Insight - the Better Hybrid Insurance

The masterpiece of the hybrid game in the auto industry is finally here and the promise of this Honda Insight 2010 is for real. Get to see what the powerful Honda has to offer in terms of enhanced handling.
Honda Insight is a classic example of a unique model that does not copy any other maker’s design.

The 2010 Honda Insight is rather small compared to the Prius but it is lighter and better. The diver of this model is no doubt a happy person as long as he is behind the wheel.

The features are amazingly on top of auto-ratings, including the optional navigation system. The Bluetooth capability only adds to the luxury that only few models can offer their clients. The paddle shifters result in ratios that have been electronically created. The transmission is of variable proportions as a result of automatic transmission.

Honda Insight boasts of an EPA rating of 40/43 miles per gallon in the City/Highway ratio, a very impressive rating. The important change that this model brings into the market is price competition. Laughter is never away from the lips of those who are shopping for Honda Insight on a budget.

The suggested retail price for Honda Insight is $19,800. The customers of the maker of this car have a five-passenger, four-door sedan to be proud of. They even have the choice of any combination that pleases them. One such combination consists of 1.3 liter, inline four-cylinder engine that uses gasoline, 88-hosepower, 10-kiowatt, brushless, 13-hp and DC motor.

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) system ensures that power goes to the front wheels alone. In two of the three models on offer, the shift paddles that are mounted on the steering wheel lead to a computer-moderated seven-speed manual gearbox which also has a simulation option. It is amazing how efficient and competent the standard CVT really is.

The overall rating of this model touches on appearance, comfort, performance and value. Of all these factors, value is the one that leads to the highest ranking followed by appearance. You also notice that a nice mileage is the main pro of the Honda Insight.

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Honda Insight - the Better Hybrid Insurance
Honda Insight - the Better Hybrid Insurance

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Honda Car Insurance for Automobile

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