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Nissan Infinity G35: Simply Great Used Car Value

When the Nissan G35 hit the automotive scene in 2003, I and
other car enthusiasts quickly though: “BMW territory?” After all,
the Infinity had rear-wheel drive, near 50/50 weight distribution,
an excellent engine, disc brakes all around, good interior ergonomics

(especially with the second generation car), and it was available
with a six-speed manual transmission. Furthermore, it had a strong
reliability rating, and last, but not least, it was a good looking car!

The G35 was being compared to the BMW which is what Nissan had
in mind in the first place. Like others, I was computing the cost/reward
equation in my head and the result was positive! I thought to myself:
“When the G35 is 4-5 years old, it will be a good buy at $18,000-$20,000.”
And that was when the stock market and economy were doing well.

The new G35 came with a 4-year/60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty
and a 6-year/70,000 mile powertrain warranty. Nissan has a Certified
pre-owned (CPO) program for off lease and trade-in G35s. It adds
2-years/40,000 miles to the bumper-to-bumper warranty of these used

Under the program, the car’s second owner is required to pay $50 for
each vehicle repair. As we all know, $50 is a drop in the bucket for
vehicle repairs (you just make eye contact with an automotive service
writer and you’re over 50 dollars!). It must be mentioned that prices
of the second generation (starting in 2007) G35 jumped up in the used
car market.

I recently visited a local used car dealer and test drove a light slate gray
2004 Infinity G35. The vehicle had 64,000 miles on the clock, and the
dealer purchased the car in the south. Overall, I was impressed with the
car! The engine was powerful, the handling was balanced, and the brakes
were effective. Furthermore, the shift action of the manual transmission
was excellent.

My only gripe was that the sixth gear could have been geared taller. As
far as gearing, the G35’s six-speed was equal to a good five-speed manual.
This means that the driver needs to shift a bit more. Considering how
powerful the G35’s engine is, it would have no trouble pulling a taller sixth
gear on the highway.

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Nissan Infinity G35: Simply Great Used Car Value
Nissan Infinity G35: Simply Great Used Car Value

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