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Increase in Florida Home Insurance Rates

Florida Home Insurance - Prices reach sky high

As we are all aware of, the economic downturn has indeed changed the lives of many. People’s lifestyle altered drastically as most of us have to stretch our daily budget and some literally just have to make ends meet. Unfortunately for the homeowners in Florida, another necessity will increase its price. We’re talking about your home insurance. Major home-insurers in Florida are planning to advance the rates of home insurance for their customers from 8 percent to15 percent.

Most well-known companies have worked together in proposing the new costs to the authorities that control the insurance market in the state. They think that increasing the rates would help stabilize the money that is spent annually by companies in paying out claims.

According to a report, Universal Property and Casualty Insurance will be increasing the rates of their insurance at an estimate of 9.8 percent. Its objective is to “remain competitive and grow in key regions.” St. Johns Insurance Company, on the other hand, has decided on an increase of an average of 14.9 percent which is by far the highest of all increases.

So if you’re a homeowner in Florida and worried about these latest amendments, we suggest you search online at specialized websites for the best rates available as these rate changes will be effective soon.

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Increase in Florida Home Insurance Rates
Increase in Florida Home Insurance Rates

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House Renters & Home Owners

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