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Importance of Observing Taxi Meters

A lot of us take a cab when we intend to go from one place to another. Its main convenience is its ability to drop you off specifically where you usually want to be dropped off. It’s probably one of the most expensive on-road public utility vehicles. Your fare usually depends on the taxi meter unless you agreed on a fixed price or something. The taxi meters usually add fare depending on the time and the distance the taxi has traveled.The first thing you need to take note of is that when you just hopped in and told the driver where you want to be dropped off, the meter should be started. The fare on the taxi meter should always start with the flag down rate (unless you have a different taxi fare system in your area). So if the flag down rate is around $2, as soon as the meter starts, it should show $2 and nothing more. From there, the meter should run accordingly.Another good thing to do is that if you take a cab to and from a specific place occasionally, for example from home to work and vice versa, and the roads that your cabs take are the same, the fare should not be too far from each other. Let’s say your average fare from home to work is around $2.00. You’d usually get $1.95 or $2.05 and that is fine since it’s not that far from your average fare. However, if you took the same roads, same distance and same amount of time and you get billed for $4.00 or more, something’s probably not right.Sad to say, there are cabs (again, I’m not sure and situations may differ in your country or area) that are sly and some intend to trick the passengers into paying more by modifying the taxi meter making it increase in fare more often. Here, there are seals placed by the transportation agency which certifies that the meter is calibrated. If there are no official stickers or if it is tampered, the meter itself may have been tampered as well. Make sure to equip yourself with knowledge about how these works and the best source would be from your local government transportation department.

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Importance of Observing Taxi Meters
Importance of Observing Taxi Meters

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