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Ideas for Vehicle Restoration and Repair Garage

Nick Hardie’s garage does not have a plazma cutter, CNC lathe,
or even a hydraulic lift. It does, however, have big style. Nick
is a retired graphic artist who has built, painted, and lettered race
cars for the past 45 years. 25 years ago, Nick built a barn behind his home to be his work garage. Its walls, ceilings, and shelves
have become a mosaic of body parts, hotrod memories, and other
“cool” items.

City codes dictated that the main structure of the barn would be
no larger than 24′ x 24′. Over time, Nick was able to increase the
structure’s size with two 10′ x 24′ additions. The barn has a collection
of parts including memorabilia - vintage signs, old race posters,
trophies, model cars, etc. Nick says that all the parts are arraigned
artistically with regard to color, texture, and all that crap. His metal
and paint work are done by hand as he has many metal shaping tools
and squirrelhair brushes. Additionally, the barn has power tools such
as a wire welder, drill press, and torch. For big jobs, Nick simply goes
a short distance down the road to his friend carl Heidman who owns
Electric Motorworks. Nick says that carl has every tool imaginable.

Carl Heidman’s garage is a model of efficiency. It is located within
walking distance of his home and it predates his opening of Electric
Motorworks. carl has used the garage for about a dozen vehicle
restoration projects including repainting. Additionally, many smaller
projects have been completed in between. Regarding his garage, carl
says, it’s not a hang out place but a get it done place.

Carl thinks that his garage is the perfect size at 24′ x 30′. He
believes that a larger garage would let some projects go unfinished
and allow cars to accumulate. carl believes that a smaller garage
forces the owner to be efficient, keep things moving, and get projects
done. Additionally, a smaller garage costs less to heat and cool.

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Ideas for Vehicle Restoration and Repair Garage
Ideas for Vehicle Restoration and Repair Garage

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