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How to Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil

At one time, switching to synthetic motor oil from mineral (conventional) motor oil created serious problems. Specifically, the difference in viscosity caused the seals to leak, resulting in lost oil. Now, however, new seal technology has produced products that rarely permit problems when switching to synthetic motor oil.Those who live in colder climes might already know the benefits of synthetic over conventional motor oil.

Because the synthetic version does not become more viscous in colder temperatures, it will lubricate your engine much faster when the mercury drops. In fact, some people who live up north switch back and forth from summer to winter.Of course, when you switch to synthetic motor oil you will pay more for each oil change. Some products last longer between oil changes which can reduce the cost somewhat, but it will still cost more out of pocket. This is why some consumers prefer to switch back and forth to lighten the auto bills during the summer.

According to Mobile Oil, the benefits of switching to synthetic motor oil include loss of impurities, decreased friction, reduced oxidation and better engine performance. However, it is important to consider your vehicle’s performance on conventional oil as well as the price difference before making the switch.In most cases, consumers can switch to synthetic motor oil without any preparation at all. Older vehicles with older seals might require flushing oil to prepare the vehicle for the change, which will eliminate all the mineral oil from the engine so you can start fresh. However, this step is not necessary with newer vehicles and is usually a waste of money.

Before you switch to synthetic motor oil, however, make sure the new oil is compatible with the old. Some purely synthetic oil products are not compatible with conventional motor oil, which means that adding it to the old can damage your engine, release impurities and create other problems.

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How to Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil
How to Switch to Synthetic Motor Oil

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