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How to Replace a Clutch on a Subaru WRX

So you need to replace your clutch? If you have some mechanical ability, I will walk you through exactly how to replace a clutch on a Subaru WRX, or for that case most Subarus, and cars in general. First off these directions are meant for a guide for a Subaru WRX, but could give a very good idea for how to change a clutch on most cars, especially Subarus. If this is your first time changing a clutch, then you can expect it to take a total of 8-12 hours. I have never done a clutch before, and it took me around 10 total hours, which consisted mostly of working for 2 hours a night after work. Make sure that you are buying quality replacement parts. The major components that you will need are: clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, flywheel bearing, and either to get your flywheel resurfaced (cost me about $25) or to get a new flywheel.You do not need to keep the car in a garage while you do it, I just did it all on the side of my house with the car on jack stands.Now getting started with the work:First thing you are going to want to do is to put the car on jackstands, the higher you can get it the better. You are going to want as much room to work on the car from below that you can get.The next thing to do is to pop the hood, and remove the intercooler. This is fairly simple, and if you cannot handle this task then maybe you should give up now. Just untighten the clamps, undo a couple of bolts, and its ready to come off.Before you go on, let me emphasize that you need to keep track of all the bolts and nuts that are taken off, by the end there are just way too many similar looking bolts to keep track of. I suggest putting bolts in plastic bags and labeling the bag. So for the intercooler bolts that you just removed, go ahead and label them.Ok, now that the intercooler is off, you should have a good view off the transmission, and everything that attaches to it. Remove the starter by taking off the bolts, I believe it is only two bolts.Undo the pitch stop, this is the rod connecting what looks to be the chassis to the transmission. You only need to undo the bolt on the transmission side, and it should come loose.

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How to Replace a Clutch on a Subaru WRX
How to Replace a Clutch on a Subaru WRX

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