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How to Remove Mazda Miata Seats?

Mazda introduced the Miata in 1990. The Mazda Miata is a two-seater roadster also known as the MX-5 and the Roadster in Japan. Now in its third generation the Mazda Miata is manufactured in Hiroshima, Japan. This short article describes the process of removing the seats from any model year Mazda Miata. No special skills are required so almost anyone can do it. An earlier model Mazda Miata will not have airbag modules to disconnect.

Tools required:Ratchet: any automotive quality ratchet tool will work but select one with adequate leverage and strength to handle stubborn fasteners and small enough to be used in the tight confines of a Mazda Miata.

Sockets: naturally the sockets must fit the ratchet. A variety of sizes is needed to be sure of the correct fit for the fasteners used on your particular Mazda Miata.

Penetrating lubricant: WD-40 or PJ Bolt Buster will help loosen stubborn bolts on your older Mazda Miata.

Each seat in the Mazda Miata has four bolts requiring removal. Select the socket that securely fits the bolt heads and remove all four bolts. The front bolts are accessed by moving the Mazda Miata seat all the way toward the back. Disconnect the airbag terminal under the seat by squeezing the outer clip to release the lock. Remove the front bolts, remembering to store them where you can find them for reassembly later. With the airbag module (if present) disconnected and the front bolts removed, slide the seat fully forward for access to the rear bolts. Remove the rear bolts with the socket/ratchet combination that fits your Mazda Miata.

For easiest seat removal, put the top down and open both doors. Use care as you lift and remove the seat - the seat rails and hardware can damage your Mazda Miata interior or exterior. To further protect your Mazda Miata, grasp the seat by the bolster and, holding your fingers over the seat hardware so that it cannot slide, Pick the seat straight up above the deck line of the Mazda Miata and place it nearby.

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How to Remove Mazda Miata Seats?
How to Remove Mazda Miata Seats?

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