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How to Plan a 1969 Camaro Restoration

Make You car Lolk GreatThe first thing that you should look at, is this is this a standard 1969 Camaro, or is it a special camaro, allow me to explain the difference between them, a standard 1969 camaro would be a camaro with Z/28, SS, RS, RS/SS, SS/RS, or just a camaro name plate, these should be pretty easy to get parts for.

A special camaro would be a camaro with a ZL1, Yenko, Baldwin-Motion, Berger, or some other rare camaro that they built very few of, these could be very hard to locate some of the parts for, and you need to pay extra attention to where you get your parts from.

Your parts list should always be the first part of your 1969 camaro restoration planning, make sure that you know where your getting all of the parts from, and how hard they are to find, your going to need to get the hard to locate parts first, so they don’t get sold before you buy them.

For this article we’ll assume that you have already bought your 1969 camaro, and your getting ready to restore it, the first thing that you need is a place to do the work, if you have a garage at your house, this problem is already solved, beyond that you need to have the tools to to the work.

Once you have a garage, and the tools to do the work, we’ll move on to the inventory process, this is where we’ll decide what parts need to be fixed, and what you have to replace, keep in mind that you’ll save money by fixing as many of the parts as you can.

For the inventory process you’ll need a notebook, and you take the notebook separate a page in to three columns, and you need to name the three columns, the first one re-use, repair, replace, I think that this is pretty self explanatory.

You’ll be creating a list of the parts the your going to re-use, fix, or replace, you need to pay close attention to the parts that go on this list, as they can make, or break your 1969 camaro restoration, so please take your time while miking this list.

After you have made your list you can begin your parts search, you looking of course for all of the parts from the replace column of your notebook, once you get this done, you should have a pretty good idea of the price of your parts.

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How to Plan a 1969 Camaro Restoration
How to Plan a 1969 Camaro Restoration

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