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How to Find Your Car in a Parking Lot

One of my Dad’s first dates in this country was at the enormous Orange County Fair in Southern California. The silly guy forgot where he had parked his ‘49 Buick and had to wait until 3 a.m. for the parking lot to clear out. Needless to day, he didn’t make a very good first impression with his date and never saw her again after that night.

Losing our cars in the parking lot is something that has happened to all of us. We park our cars and walk in without paying attention, and then spend at least an hour afterwards trying to remember where the car is. If losing your car is something that happens to you on a regular basis, these little tricks will help you find your car in the parking lot.

Tie a flag or antenna topper on the antenna: Older model cars (and even some newer ones) still have antennas. We use antenna toppers on our cars which helps us spot the cars from quite a distance. While antenna toppers are getting harder to find, you still can locate them at car accessory shops and promotional events.

Use a car flag or pennant: If your car doesn’t have an antenna, a car flag will also work. These special flags attach just above the window and rise above the car at least two feet. Flags are very easy to spot from a distance and cost between $5-$10 each. car flags can be found at most sports shops.

Park where no one else parks: Part of the reason many of us forget where our cars are parked in the first place is because we lost our bearings while cruising around for that perfect parking place. My husband always parks his car way out in the nether regions on the parking lot which makes the car easier to spot and less susceptible to door dings.

Line up with a distinct landmark: My trick for finding the car is to always park it near or beneath a distinct landmark in the lot. Beneath trees or light poles; next to a crosswalk, cart rack, or a loading dock; by a fence; or lining up the car with the edge of a building are all distinct places to park. These locations are easy to remember and can lead you directly to the car in no time at all.

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How to Find Your Car in a Parking Lot
How to Find Your Car in a Parking Lot

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