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How to File an Insurance Claim?

Once an accident occurs many are left with a sense of dread regarding how to proceed. Calling an insurance company to file a claim can be almost as traumatizing as the actual accident, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you know how to deal with the problem at hand.

Before you even leave the scene of the most mild accident it is necessary to assess the damage to both cars and decide if filing a claim is even beneficial. If the damage is severe insurance information should be exchanged and a police accident report should be filed.

After 24 hours you can pick up the police report that was filled out at the time of the accident. At that point the insurance company should be called. Have your policy number, insurance information and the police report handy as the insurance company will need all of the information.

The insurance company you are dealing with will likely record the call and ask the individual involved to walk them through the accident including what happened prior to the accident, where the accident happened and what mitigating factors, if any, were involved in the accident. For example if the accident occurred near a blind turn it is important for the company to be aware of that fact.

You should also have the name and insurance information for the other party on hand as the insurance company will need the information to contact the other party and their insurance company as well. The other parties company will do the same once a claim is filed.

The accident victim should also expect a call from the other party’s insurance company as well in which they will be asked the same questions. It is important for the information to be exactly the same in both recorded statements. It is advisable to avoid taking blame directly during either of the calls.

In some cases only one party will file an insurance claim. Each state differs but in most cases a person has 60 days to file an insurance claim, after 60 days a claim can no longer be filed and the case will be considered closed. If the other party does not file a claim your personal insurance company will pay for damages incurred on your car or go after the party for payment directly.

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How to File an Insurance Claim?
How to File an Insurance Claim?

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