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How to Combat Helmet Hair

Safety is important when you ride a motorcycle or bicycle. Some helmets can even look cool or mysterious. But how do you feel when you take the helmet off? Uncool? Definitely not mysterious? Helmet hair can put a damper on the fun you had getting to your bike tour destination, or it can dampen your good intentions of saving gas by riding to work. Don’t skip the safety gear to salvage your vanity! Use these tips to combat helmet hair, and enjoy the best of both worlds: riding, and what you do when you get there.1. Go with the flow
Instead of fighting it, style your hair to make the best of what it is going to do anyway after being squashed against your head. If your hair is straight you have a better chance of pulling this off, especially if you do not have bangs. Sweep the front of your hair to the side and across your forehead, or pull it back into a low ponytail. Tame long, curly hair into a low single braid, or two low and loose braids just behind the ear. French braids hold well, but might wear uncomfortably under a snug-fitting motorcycle helmet.2. Pack emergency essentials
Find travel size products in your favorite brand of light spritzing gel. When you arrive at your destination, find a secluded spot to quickly spritz your hair and finger-tousle or comb it into a better shape. Depending on the stubbornness of your hair, you might want to wet it down a little first, or flip your hair over to spray the undersides as well. Some helmets should not come into contact with hair products, so be sure to pack a handkerchief for the return trip if you doctor up your hairdo in between. Another essential product, baby powder, will help combat moisture on warm days. A small amount applied to the scalp will rejuvenate your hair and help you feel a little fresher, too.

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How to Combat Helmet Hair
How to Combat Helmet Hair

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