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How the Porsche Badge Came About

Over the years, Porsche has provided a great sports car history.
Long term planning, relentless engineering, and consistent incremental
improvements have been the company’s mainstays.

The Porsche badge is almost redundant on the iconic 911 as the
sports car’s shape makes it one of the most easily recognizable cars

on earth!

If you take away the badge, you would be removing something that
is indeed much deeper than just labeling. The badge reminds and
reinforces that you are driving a car engineered and built by one of
the world’s most respected automotive manufacturers. Additionally,
it tells others that you have an impeccable taste in automobiles. If a
badge of an icon can do so much, how did it come about?

The initial Porsches - the early 356s from 1948 onward did not
have the now famous badge at all but just the word “Porsche”
put across the bonnet in extended capital letters - something that
is part of the company’s brand today!

However, in 1952, the U.S. importer Max Hoffman talked to
Ferry Porsche during lunch that possibly the 356 could use a
proper badge like the other car manufacturers had. The story
is that Ferry Porsche quickly sketched out the design on a napkin
and Hoffman gave it his thumbs up!

Porsche 911 Celebration of a Legend Magazine reports, “Ferry
Porsche said that he used to enjoy drawing coats of arms as a child,
so it was inevitable that he should turn to heraldry for inspiration.
The background of the badge is the crest of Baden Wurttemburg,
the German federal state that Porsche is based in. The distinctive
black and red stripes are paired with representations of stag horns.”

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How the Porsche Badge Came About
How the Porsche Badge Came About

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