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Honda Two-Door Civic Type R


The Honda Civic Si - and its even more unapologetic sister model, the Type R - used to be one of the ultimate hot hatches. A Japanese counterpart to the likes of the Volkswagen GTI, the Civic Si and Type R came close to being motorcycles on four wheels. Designed for Europe, Honda has found out that the three-door Type R’s appeal is global. In fact, Honda has announced today that it will export the U.K.-built Type R to Japan. It will be the only Civic hatchback on Honda’s home turf, to be sold in limited numbers as the Type R EURO.

The European Type R comes as a three-door only, and is fitted with the Civic Si’s high-revving 2.0-liter four. A 146-mph top speed makes it one of the fastest compact cars. You need to rev it to squeeze the power out of it, and the chassis is so firm that no one buys this car by accident. The European Civic’s futuristic, one-box body is accentuated with horizontal light strips and triangular exhaust pipes. It looks like an invader from outer space - and in Type R trim, it’s an aggressive one.

Since Japan is already the third market outside of Europe which gets the three-door Type R - the others are the high-speed markets of Australia and South Africa - may we get onto the list now as well? We’ll take ours in white, please.

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Honda Two-Door Civic Type R
Honda Two-Door Civic Type R

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Honda Car Insurance for Automobile

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