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Is it better to have a low or high auto insurance deductible? How can you tell which auto insurance deductibles is right for you? People who are buying high deductible auto insurance always wonder if they should choose among automobile deductibles. High deductible auto insurance in the United States of America and auto insurance deductible in NYC. Business guide to high auto insurance deductibles for teenagers from collision insurers. High Deductible Auto Insurance
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How to be insured? High deductible auto insurance and auto insurance deductible

High Auto Insurance Deductibles and High Deductible Auto Insurance

When you’re buying auto insurance online is it better to have a low deductible or a high auto insurance deductibles? If you choose to buy an automobile policy that has a high deductible auto insurance then the overall cost of your policy will be lower and you will end up paying more out of pocket if you have an auto accident.

Low and high deductibles auto insurance policies

Most people choose to have a high auto insurance deductibles so that they will pay less overall for the policy. But if you are going to choose a high deductible auto insurance so that you have a lower monthly payment or a lower overall policy cost make sure that the auto insurance deductibles you choose is an amount that you could easily come up with you have to.

For example, if you choose an auto insurance deductible of $1000 would you realistically be able to come up with $1000 to get your car fixed if you had an automobile accident? It’s not enough to just hope that you don’t have an accident. Make sure that you choose a high deductible auto insurance that is low enough that you wouldn’t have any trouble paying it if you needed to.

If you choose a policy with a low auto insurance deductible you will pay more for the overall policy and if you make monthly payments your monthly payments will probably be higher however if you do need to get your auto vehicle fixed it will most likely not cause a financial crisis for you. People that are on limited incomes or fixed incomes often choose a policy that has a low auto insurance deductibles because they would have trouble coming with the cash for a high deductible auto insurance payment something happened and they needed to get their vehicle fixed.

What auto insurance deductible is better for driver?

Your “auto insurance deductible” is the amount you pay when you make a claim before your ins company pays. There are many reasons why deductibles exist. Essentially, there are many expenses associated with processing a claim. Through the necessity of auto insurance deductibles, the expense of processing many small claims has been lowered for companies, which pass the savings on to clients who choose to raise their auto insurance deductibles by lowering the premiums charged. Paying small claims yourself helps you avoid a claims surcharge and keeps your valuable claims-free discount.

So is a low deductible auto insurance better when it comes to buying policy? To know for sure if a low deductible is right for you it’s important to sit down and assess your income and savings so that you know if you could pay high auto insurance deductibles if you had to. If you would have trouble coming up with a large chunk of money to pay for a deductible then you are better off choosing a policy that has a higher overall cost but a low deductibles.

The high price of low auto insurance deductible

Auto insurance deductibles also reduce the “moral hazard” because ins fraud is a huge problem in our industry which costs all of us more money. If there was no cost, or no deductible, dishonest people would generate even more fraudulent claims. It’s important to review your auto insurance deductibles with your agent. Increasing your car insurance deductibles high enough but that is still affordable to you will indeed get you a premium reduction, saving you money over time.

Carrying high deductible auto insurance makes sense because you are generally not going to be making many claims and if you are, you’re already paying more premiums and probably already carrying very high deductibles already just to keep your payments from being outrageous. But what if you experience a very common claim-a broken or dinged windshield? If you carry a $500 automobile insurance deductible, the cost of the new windshield will probably not exceed your deductible and it is up to you to pay for the entire cost yourself. My advice in saving money on windshields is this: if your car is say, over 10 years old or less than $3000 in value, it isn’t so important that you replace the windshield with OEM (original manufacturer) certified glass and especially not dealer glass. Also, if you have a bulls eye or ding or a small crack in your windshield, your company may pay for the cost to repair this which usually runs $50.

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