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Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company

Henry believed he can have every American on wheels in America, and he did it by revolutionizing the automobile industry through the tough love direction of himself and Ford Motors Company. Henry ford, the American pioneered; made it possible for every American to have a car which it dramatically transformed the social structure of the American society nationwide.

Meet the Fords who changed American society by introducing the automobiles in the late 1800’s to the present day. Henry Ford was an inventor and the founder of the Ford Motors Company, he was born on July 30, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan. However, Henry had only a son, his name was Edsel Bryant Ford, who would eventually become his father successor of Ford Motors. Furthermore, Henry married Clara around the late 1800’s and eventually moved to Dearborn. In Dearborn, Michigan Henry would change America forever by enhancing the automobile industry. Henry Ford changes America during his lifetime by enhancing the automobile industry with the assembly line; this new invention gave way to an idea that propelled Ford Motors Company ahead of all other automobile manufacturers. Ford observed various manufactures, he concluded that to provide a way for all Americans to have an automobile and with low cost, then he needed to devised a system which would allowed for a continuous flow of production for an complex end item; like the automobile. Well, according to Nick Georgano writes, “…[Henry Ford received his inspiration in different places to include visits to other industries]…Henry is said to have gained his inspiration from the Chicago meat packing industry; this is where they brought hog carcasses on overhead trolleys past each worker who would take his cut. Ford’s achievement was to adapt the process to the vastly more complicated process of making automobiles.”(Georgano, Nick 38).

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Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company
Henry Ford and Ford Motor Company

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Ford Inc Compare Automotive Prices

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