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Evolution - a moving on to something better is a fact of life. Over the
years, evolution is one of the factors that made the Porsche 911 a can’t
touch me sports car icon. Some might say that Porsche’s have not evolved

much at all. However, with each generation of the 911, problems were
solved, challenges overcome, and automotive boundaries were pushed

Along the way, those who wanted development were pleased and those
who thought the 911 was perfect wanted things left alone. Regardless
of the point of view, the slow progress could be relied upon as being
relentless - the engines, transmissions, suspensions, styling, and
production methods were continuously reviewed and the needed
changes made to retain the 911’s iconic status.

Considering the constant state of change in the automotive world, it
is surprising that some aspects of the 911 remained little altered for so
long. Air-cooled engines remained for a lot longer than most expected.,
also, the 911’s compact dimensions. One aspect, however, that arguably
helped keep Porsche sales moving was the well-established five instrument
dials located behind the 911’s steering wheel. The layout of the five dials
have been virtually unchanged for over 30 years!

Over the years, the dials’ panoramic layout and close proximity to the
driver were guaranteed to make an impression. The needles’ sweep
arches indicated functions and sport car parameters that were unfamiliar
to most drivers. This included three separate gauges for just the oil!
Additionally, switches were scattered around and underneath the
gauges, often with cryptic marking or with none at all. Regardless,
settling into any 911 up to the 993 (1997) was like meeting an old
familiar friend.

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Help to Make a Porsche
Help to Make a Porsche

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