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Headlight Changing Tips on a Toyota

Change the Headlight of Your Toyota on Your OwnHeadlight changing is one of the simple repairs of a car. If your car is a popular Toyota models, then changing its headlight is even easier than the others. Buying a bulb is the first step of changing the earlier one. You have to go in daytime to select one as your headlight is already not working and you should also take relevant details of the bulb that you need to replace. Many shops keep catalogues and you should check your model with the catalogue to check whether it is the one you need. After buying, the actual replacing has to be done.

Fixing the new bulb

Open the hood of your Toyota car and locate the headlight’s rear side with a flashlight. Locating the backside of the headlight is simple as it is behind the exact point where you see the bulb from the front. You should know by this time that some Toyota brands have a headlight-covering unit. To work with this type, screwdriver is needed. Remove screws on the unit for headlight changing. With some models, removing screws will not end headlight changing as clips made of plastics are connected with wires. If it is the case, remove the plastic clip pushing wires aside. When it is done, you can locate the old bulb.

Headlight changing of a Toyota is identical with removing a bulb from a lamp. Headlight changing is done screwing the bulb left wise. Get the new bulb now. Place it to the right place and screw it right wise to fit it well. It is better to check whether the new bulb is working before finalizing the task. To check it, get in to the car and put the lights on. Now get down and come to the front to look whether the bulb works. If the bulb is working, then screw the plastic clip to the wires and place it. Recheck that all the screws are fixed well. Then recheck all your instruments are taken out and close the hood.

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Headlight Changing Tips on a Toyota
Headlight Changing Tips on a Toyota

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