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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Types

A Quick Look at the Harley-Davidson Lineup For over a century, the pulse-pounding throb of Harley-Davidson’s signature 45 degree V-twin motor has been the anthem of the open road. America’s two-wheeled crown jewel, the Harley-Davidson Motor Company has influenced generations of riders with a long line of motorcycles. Today, these motorcycles are represented by five different base series, which include the Sportster, Softail, Dyna, Touring, and VRSC models. Although they share many similarities, each has their own distinct personality and heritage.

Sportster Series (XL)
Intended for racing, the Sportster was introduced in 1957 and became Harley-Davidson’s original bad boy motorcycle. Smaller in stature and decidedly more sporty, the Sportster has become mount of choice for riders that desire an aggressive and nimble motorcycle. The Sportster series shares the same signature 45-degree “fork and knife” V-twin motor employed by the majority of the Harley-Davidson lineup. Although displacement sizes have changed over the years, current Sportster models are available with 883cc and 1200cc Evolution motors. Current variations of the Sportster include the XL883L Low, the XL1200N Nightster, and the dirt-track inspired XR1200.

Softail Series (FX/FLST)
The Softail series was designed to provide the aesthetics of a classic rigid tail motorcycle, but with the comfort and performance of modern suspension technology. Harley engineers accomplished this feat by relocating shock absorbers under the transmission, effectively hiding the suspension from view. The front suspension also gets special treatment, being the only model family that offers a choice between Dyna FX-type thin forks, FL-type touring forks, or Springer-type leading link forks. With this in mind, the Softail series bikes can play many roles, from the boulevard burning Softail Deuce to the long-hauling Heritage Softail Classic to the retro-classic Crossbones.

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Types
Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Insurance Types

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