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Group Health Insurance Plans

Group Health Insurance Plan

Author: Habibulla Antule

In the current scenario, more and more companies are trying to offer the benefits to their employees. Group health insurance is one of the benefit that is emerging for employees betterment.

Group health insurance policy covers number of peoples in a single master policy. Generally it is issued to group of corporates, associations, societies and educational institutes. Under this plan, the insured gets the attractive discount on premiums due to the involvement of the company with the insurer. The premium is paid by the insured is a very cheaper than individual health insurance plan. The premium rates can be a more cheaper, if the peoples are more in a group. The insurer also consider the insured’s claim history to offer discount on premium, which is decided by the current company rules.

The cost of medical expenses is spread over the group of all members. This is the main phenomenon that makes group health insurance viable and beneficial for the insured person. The good group health insurance policy provides the following benefits:

-No limit for hospitalization expenses

-Coverage doe critical illness

-Coverage for pre-existing diseases

-Cashless floater

-Free accidental insurance coverage

-Tax benefit

Group health insurance ensures better health benefits than individual health insurance policy. Because, it covers almost all kind of ailments including accidents or other major physical problem. In individual health plans you have to pay more compared to group health plan for the better coverage. If you are unable to get the health cover through your employment, try to get through union or club.

Health insurance becomes a necessity for every individuals. And it’s very important to focusing on proper planning to take care of any future medical emergency. If you are unable to get group health insurance plan through your employment, try to find low cost individual health insurance plan. You might get lower benefits here, if you are saving money on your health care.

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Group Health Insurance Plans
Group Health Insurance Plans

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Medical Insurance Plans in Medicine

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