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Grid Between Los Angeles and San Francisco

The Electric car is Alive and Well, Thank YouThe electric car has long been the dream of a lot of folks who worry about the environment. A solar-powered electric car would be even better. There’s hydrogen and fuel cells, but it still looks like they are pretty far in the future. But with the new battery technology, electric cars may soon be in our future, or at least more of them will be on the road. If we can get past the oil companies and our dependence on foreign oil.

A lot of people think that we have enough oil to last for the next 50 years, so who cares what happens after that. Well, that may be true, but at the rate the Earth is warming from global pollution (and cars are a big part of that), we may not have another 20 years.

And there’s always something that could interrupt our supply of oil before that. Those of you who remember the gas shortage of the early ’70s will remember the long waits at the filling stations. Sometimes you couldn’t get any gas at all.

So it looks like electric and solar is the way to go. But where is the electricity going to come from? Burn more coal? That pollutes the atmosphere even more. And there is no such thing as “clean coal.” That is a misnomer put out by the coal companies to make you think that they can burn coal without any pollution. So far it isn’t possible.

But solar power may be the solution to that problem as well. In California they already have power stations that run on solar power. The problem right now is what about the states that don’t get so much sunshine? Maybe a combination of both conventional power and solar?

According to Reuters, California is testing the water with a series of electric refueling station between Los Angeles and San Francisco. One of the stations runs on solar power. It’s called SolarCity, named after the company that develops residential power systems.

So those who drive a Tesla electric car won’t have to worry about running out of juice from Los Angeles to San Francisco. Tesla was, of course, the eccentric genius who was working on a way to send massive amounts of electricity through the air without any wiring.

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Grid Between Los Angeles and San Francisco
Grid Between Los Angeles and San Francisco

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