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GM 60-Day Discount: A Brash Move

Automaker Confident it Can Compete with Imports General Motors, which last week announced a 60-day return policy for any 2009 or 2010 car or truck it makes, is probably hoping that its guarantee does not yield huge returns.

If it does, then the automaker has missed the mark it set when it boldly announced a week ago that its products were the match of any autos made anywhere by any automaker.

At one time, the General had market penetration of over 30 percent but that was slowly eaten into by the imported segment that, for the first time this year, saw Toyota overtake GM as the number one carmaker in this country. Interestingly, if you were to look at where cars are actually made, you would see that many of the “imports” made for United States consumption are manufactured right here as Toyota has five plants in this country, Honda had four or five, Mercedes has at least three and Mazda has at least two (although their cars are pretty much interchangeable with Fords as Mazda is owned by Ford and its CX-9 is the basis of Ford’s popular Edge).

That number has changed since the “import invasion” began in earnest in the late 1970s with Toyota and Honda leading the way so that today GM is, arguably, the number one or two automaker in this market.

It’s not without reason that the General slipped through the years. If you look at the land yachts it pursued right through the early 80s, they were not all that well made. The steering was light and it felt as if you had no feel for the road. Indeed, it felt as if they weren’t holding the road, at all, sometimes. The same could be said of two-wheel-drive live-axle pickups and SUVS which tended to bounce more than play nicely with the road surface. Four-by-four’s were hard-riders that could go anywhere and take pretty much any punishment you meted out.

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GM 60-Day Discount: A Brash Move
GM 60-Day Discount: A Brash Move

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