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Getting Sued with Car Insurance Fraud

7 ways to get sued for insurance fraud

During these times of economic downturn, most people try to find ways on how they can generate extra money. Unfortunately when every penny counts, even the bad course will do. According to insurance companies, there’s a budding number of frauds they have to take care of. Given that there’s also a vast number of claims, scams are hardly noticed. Nonetheless, swindlers do not just get a free pass on these occasions. In fact, every insurance company has its own special investigation unit, which is usually comprised of people who have experience working in law enforcement.

Here are some suspicious scenarios you might want to avoid and samples of acts swindlers try to pull off:

1. Leaving the car unlocked and the keys in the ignition totally suggests that something has been planned. In this kind of setting, expect that the investigation unit will suspect you for trying to get rid of your car and just get money for it.

2. Blaming thugs for setting your auto on fire when in fact you slopped some gasoline somewhere near the engine. For your information, the fire will not destroy all the evidences. There are procedures like computer simulations, pattern analysis and other ways to investigate such cases that will get you red-handed.

3. Frequent visit to your doctor after the accident. If you think you can take advantage of the accident’s aftermath, think again as there are medical experts in investigation units who absolutely know how much medical attention one person need in every situation.

4. Filing a claim for an accident that didn’t take place. If there’s no damage seen in your car, but you claim to have been hit, insurance company investigators will definitely find out if you are telling the truth or not.

5. Adding number of people in the car during accident to be able get excessive claims. Bear in mind that accident reports and accounts are analyzed meticulously and if the information varies, investigators will get very suspicious.

6. Filing old damage as a new one to get paid for it. Clearly, after all the statements above, this one won’t get past the investigators. Of course they’ll know whether it’s a new damage or not.

7. Asking repair shop to add the deductible to the final bill. Some people may think, that it’s better to negotiate with the repair shop and see if they can bill you with a higher price so that you won’t have to pay upfront first. That won’t work either as insurance investigators will know if the service is too costly, or it takes too much time to repair your car after the accident.

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Getting Sued with Car Insurance Fraud
Getting Sued with Car Insurance Fraud

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New Moto Auto Assurance Devis

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